Are you aware of the variety of Digital Services available from Digitally Charged?

Along with the Programmatic advertising, Digitally Charged also offers:

Powerful results.

• Website Build
• App Build
• Run Google Ad campaigns
• Social Media Ad campaigns

Digitally Charged really does have a vast understanding of digital
media as well as all traditional methods too.


Increase your audience with Programmatic advertising. Our exclusive system serves Programmatic ads across the internet. This clever, selflearning system knows who your ideal customers are and goes out to find them online. As well as finding new customers we can reach out to users who have already visited your website and entice them back to the site to engage further. Our reach and penatration expands more than most by being one of only 900 worldwide partners of Adobe, with access to their Ad Cloud and data streams. Proven, result driven Programmatic Advertising > Click for More Info


Not just Programmatic advertising, Digitally Charged can build apps and websites, as well as run your Google and social media ads. Digitally Charged really do have a vast understanding of digital media as well as all traditional methods too.

Developing a mobile application for your business can be a painstaking and time consuming process. Our team have a wealth of experience in mobile application development, and have the right skills to ensure you get the most out of your custom mobile application.

Digital Media

As well as providing the digital advertising
platform, we have the ability to provide digital
assets to go hand-in-hand with this system.

With access to skilled freelancers we have the
ability to provide custom video, photography
and other digital assets for a whole host of