People are visiting your site, don't let them disappear into the ether

In these difficult times that the world is going through we’re still here to help.

Did you know that by working with Digitally Charged you don’t have to lose your web traffic. By installing a simple line of script into the header of your website we can help to build your traffic over the coming weeks / months and then allow you to retarget this at a later date with no commitment or contracts. We’ll help you build your traffic into useable audiences and if you decide it’s not for you then we’ll erase the data. 

We’ll assist with social audience building, targeting advice and help with advertising you can do yourself to get you through this difficult time. 

In addition to our help and expertise we also have access to various different data stores to get your business back on track. 

Store your audiences and use across

Programmatic retargeting is perfect for anyone wanting to monetise their web traffic. Simply put, visitors come to your website and upon hitting your site (privacy settings dependent) we drop them into a pot of data ready to retarget them around the internet. This can be activated instantly or they can be held for a week, month, or a year to then advertise to. Programmatic retargeting covers the majority of the internet so whether the customer is on an industry relevant site or just browsing the latest sports news we can target them. We can serve ads based on : – Interests – Location – Gender – Or just simply what they’ve looked at on your site The key asset is the retargeting pixel and not losing any visitors that visit your site. This is your data, used for your campaigns only and prime data to use. It’s a great way to keep reminding people about yourself or to highlight any offers you want to make sure people see. Contact us now about how to setup your free retargeting pixel and don’t lose that audience.

BSN retargeting is perfect for anyone wanting to access a ready made motorcycle audience from data gathered from the popular website

This data is segmented by interest, manufacturer, story or type of product and can be targeted similar to normal programmatic campaigns based on

– Interests

– Location

– Gender

– Or just simply what they’ve looked at on your site

The key asset is the retargeting pixel and not losing any visitors that visit the BSN site. 
In addition to this we can also place editorial on the site to the BSN audience and direct banners across the who of BSN site and then specifically retarget readers of certain stories. 

With over 620,000 unique motorcycle enthusiasts tagged from Bike Sport News (As of April 14th 2020) and 300,000 unique visitors per day, it’s a perfect audience to kickstart any campaign. 

Facebook retargeting works similar to programmatic retargeting only instead of covering the majority of the internet it only works on Facebook. However, the audience of this platform is huge so there’s plenty of data to go after. 

As with programmatic we can be really clever with audiences, who we retarget and when. 

There’s a whole offering of creative assets to use in Facebook ranging from 

– Instant experiences

– Facebook in feed ads

– Targeted posts

– Or just standard organic posts


Make Facebook part of your digital offering and speak to us on how we can help monetise your web traffic and turn it into a potential Facebook audience you can advertise to. 

Twitter is often an overlooked social platform for advertising but it still has a lot of users. These users are profiled into categories so why would you not use this available date. 

It doesn’t hold a retargeting pixel like the other social platforms but with the ability to target genres, ages, locations, interactions with posts and a whole host of other options it’s perfect to capture people mid browsing. 

It may not be a social platform you use yourself but it has a lot of other users that can be profiled to fit in with your advertising. 

Seen as a business outlet, LinkedIn still holds place in the social list of platforms to target. 
Similar to Facebook with it’s retargeting pixel, LinkedIn is a great place to follow your web visitors to. 
As with all retargeting audiences, if they visit a specific site / platform then why not follow them there. Just because it’s a business platform it doesn’t mean to say that your ads don’t belong there. 

Contact us and setup your LinkedIn retargeting pixel now. 

So what’s the difference between programmatic retargeting and programmatic prospecting? 
Well, it’s the difference between standing at the front of a huge shopping centre and handing out flyers to your store or actually standing in front of the specific store and handing the same flyer out.

People will walk through the shopping centre door and some people will put them straight in the bin but others will go and find the store and take up your offer, or just browse what’s on offer.

Retargeting is more successful because if you’re handing them out in front of this specific store as they’re walking in then they’re more likely to take up the offer because they’re visiting the store anyway.   

There’s more waste in prospecting, mainly because you’re handing more ads out without too much information on whether they’re ready to purchase or not. 
The prospecting data is still valuable, it’s cheaper to run and there’s more of it. 

In this current moment how many people are browsing the internet to try and find which stores are open, which aren’t and when they’ll be open next. 
This is where Google my business shines as it’s the shop window between search and your online presence. 

Google are now pushing Zero click search where they rely on your Google My Business listing to give the user all the information they need before they even visit your website so if this is out of date then why should they click? 
With the ability now to chat, ask questions, post offers directly on Google it’s now necessary to make sure this is setup and running properly otherwise it could impact your business without you even knowing. 

Speak to us about setting this up now and making sure you’re giving potential web visitors the best experience possible. 

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